TextileMultiso 13/70: A Reliable Industrial Lubricant for Demanding Applications

May 22, 2023by alpha0

Multiso 13/70 Introduction:

Multiso 13/70 is a high-performance emulsifier widely used in the formulation of various industrial and commercial products. It is specifically designed to provide excellent stability and emulsification properties in a wide range of applications.

Multiso 13/70 is commonly utilized in the production of emulsion polymers, adhesives, coatings, and textile auxiliaries. Its unique composition allows for efficient dispersion and stabilization of oil-in-water systems, enhancing the overall performance of the final products. With its reliable emulsifying capabilities and versatility, Multiso 13/70 proves to be an indispensable ingredient for industries seeking superior emulsion formulation and product quality.


Multiso 13/70 is a specialized industrial lubricant formulated using high-quality base oils and advanced additives. It exhibits excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance, and load-carrying capacity. Multiso 13/70 is designed to provide optimal lubrication and protection, even in demanding operating conditions.


  • Heavy Machinery: Multiso 13/70 is widely used as a lubricant in heavy machinery and equipment. It is suitable for applications such as industrial gears, bearings, hydraulic systems, and open gears. The superior film strength and load-carrying capacity of Multiso 13/70 ensure reduced friction, wear, and heat generation, thus promoting smooth operation and prolonging the lifespan of critical components.
  • Mining and Construction: Multiso 13/70 finds extensive application in the mining and construction industries. It is used in equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and crushers. The robust formulation of Multiso 13/70 provides reliable lubrication and protection under extreme conditions, including high loads, shock loads, and dusty environments. It helps minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize equipment performance.
  • Steel and Metalworking: Multiso 13/70 is also utilized in steel and metalworking applications. It is suitable for lubricating rolling mills, wire drawing machines, and forging presses. Multiso 13/70’s exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance enable it to withstand high temperatures and heavy loads, ensuring reliable lubrication and protection in these demanding processes.


  • Enhanced Equipment Protection: Multiso 13/70 offers excellent lubrication and protection, safeguarding machinery and equipment from wear, corrosion, and damage. Its advanced formulation and high load-carrying capacity help extend the life of critical components, reducing the frequency of maintenance and maximizing equipment reliability.
  • Thermal Stability and Oxidation Resistance: Multiso 13/70 exhibits outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance, allowing it to maintain its lubricating properties and effectiveness even in high-temperature environments. This ensures consistent performance, reduces oil breakdown, and prolongs the lubricant’s service life, resulting in improved equipment efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Versatile Performance: Multiso 13/70’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of demanding applications in various industries. Its ability to withstand heavy loads, extreme pressures, and harsh operating conditions makes it a reliable choice for heavy machinery, mining, construction, steel production, and metalworking processes.


Multiso 13/70 is a reliable and versatile industrial lubricant renowned for its exceptional performance in demanding applications. Its superior properties, including enhanced equipment protection, thermal stability, and versatile performance, make it an ideal choice for heavy machinery, mining, construction, and steel and metalworking industries. Alpha Chemical Corp takes pride in providing top-quality chemicals like Multiso 13/70 to meet the diverse needs of local and multinational companies. 


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